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Our Mission

We provide a safe, healthy and beautiful environment that you can feel good about. Have you noticed in the past that the new growth on your plants turn pale green? Or your plant development is slow, growth is stunted and your plants have limited root growth? You may have seen signs that include purplish or reddish hues or yellow mottling on young leaves. Or have you simply noticed that in certain areas of your yard the plants and trees grow slowly and do not reach their full potential? All of these could be signs of nutrient balance issues.


Our mission is to create a safe and blooming outdoor environment for you, your family and pets, by reducing the use of chemicals and nitrate fertilizers in your lawn and garden. Chemicals can have a negative effect on people, animals, and beneficial insects like bees. Nitrate runoff can damage fish and pollute the water in your environment. Whole Earth Lawn Care now offers an alternative that will make your lawn green and environment safer.

According to online research, nearly 3 million tons of inorganic fertilizers each year are applied to American lawns. Nitrates, phosphorous and potassium are produced by mining or synthesized from oil products. As many gardening enthusiasts know, Nitrogen is required for plant growth (as well as phosphorous, potassium, sulfur and other minerals). However, the nitrogen used in synthetic fertilizers is commonly processed from ammonia. And often, ammonia is mixed with urea and formaldehyde, to facilitate slow-release lawn fertilizers. Sometimes, it’s encased in sulfur or a synthesized polymer. There is now discussion that these are endocrine disruptors. This causes many health issues and damages the eco-system.

The Whole Earth Lawn Care System provides what others don’t.

Our system is healthy for you, your family and the environment by using natural ingredients.  Other systems use man-made petroleum based fertilizers and lawn treatments that are hazardous.

Effects on Children
Effects on Children
Study after study suggests links between the use of pesticides and herbicides nervous-system disorders, a host of cancers, and other illness. The evidence shows these dangers are particularly acute for children.
Effects on Animals
Effects on Animals
The more serious signs when pets and chemical fertilizers collide, can be seen when the product is directly digested. They can include difficulty in breathing, lethargy, tremors and seizures.
Effects on the Environment
Effects on the Environment
We want to touch on the serious problem of nitrogen fertilizers and runoff. The most pervasive and visible problem from nitrogen and phosphorous in fertilizers is eutrophication, or “oxygen depletion”.

This is the process that has created the ocean “dead zones” near coastal areas and destroyed fish populations in freshwater lakes. The fertilizer stimulates the growth of algae which then consumes the oxygen needed by fish and other aquatic plant life.

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